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Mar 29, 2017

Westport, CT


I was very worried to open myself up and share my skeletons with a complete stranger.  It was much easier than I thought.  Jennifer had some great ideas of how to get me back on track and I felt instantly better.  Now with a plan in place, I am hopeful about my financial future.

Jan 19, 2017



My husband completely destroyed our family, my self-esteem and our finances at the same time.  I felt worthless and lost.  Talking with Jen was like venting to an old friend.  She has great recommendations and the team to implement them.  I had no idea so many options existed.  I am confident in myself and looking forward to my future.

Nov 17, 2016


I was never good at managing finances, my ex-husband was responsible for that.  When we divorced I had no idea where to look for guidance.  Finding Jennifer was instrumental in setting me on the right path.  I cannot thank her enough.

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