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Do I really need a Divorce Coach?

YES! You do!

Let's face it, we all need some help and a Coach is a great way to get the direction we need to succeed. The basic definition of a coach differs as each coach is focusing on a specific task or part of our life experience. We may have a sports coach to help us as athletes in skills, strategy and performance. We may enlist the help of a life or business coach to help in identifying and achieving goals while supporting and motivating us to achieve those goals. We may have an educational coach or mentor to help guide students in improving their academic performance or to develop certain skills.

So, perhaps the better question is why wouldn't you utilize a Divorce Coach? A divorce is a major life event with far reaching consequences and a coach will ensure that you have all of the "players" on your "team" dedicated to achieving your goal of the best possible outcome possible. This is not an easy task and this is not an area where you need to cut back on professionals in your corner. To make things simple, let's define a Divorce Coach. A Divorce Coach is a professional who provides support and guidance to individuals going through the process of divorce. The role of a divorce coach is to help clients navigate the emotional, practical, and often complex aspects of divorce, divorce coaches are not legal professionals and do not provide legal advice, they focus on the other aspects of the divorce experience - the emotional and personal aspects - that the legal team does not.

Let's drill down on some aspects of a divorce coach's role:

Emotional Support: This process is not for the faint of heart - it's emotionally challenging and can be physically draining. A divorce coach provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to express their feelings, cope with the emotional aspects of divorce, and work through the challenges.

Communication: Most breakdowns occur in the communication space - there could be too much or too little communication or perhaps the communication itself it is completely ineffective. Divorce coaches assist clients in improving their communication skills, with their soon-to-be ex and with the other team members involved in the divorce process. Effective communication is crucial for reaching agreements and minimizing conflict and a third party perspective can be the key t it all..

Goal Setting: It's tough to set goals when you are in crisis and focused on today and only today. Divorce coaches help clients identify their goals and priorities during and after the divorce which can include setting personal, financial, or parenting goals to create a roadmap for a successful future.

Co-Parenting Guidance: For individuals with children, divorce coaches can offer guidance on effective co-parenting strategies. One of the most difficult components in divorce is in helping parents navigate the challenges of raising children in separate households and in creating a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Collaboration with Other Professionals: As divorce coaches do not provide legal advice, they collaborate with other divorce professionals to create a team. These professionals often include attorneys, mediators, financial professionals, and real estate experts to ensure a more holistic and well-rounded approach to the divorce process

The goal of a divorce coach is to empower individuals to make informed decisions, manage stress, and move forward with their lives in a positive and constructive manner during and after the divorce process. Coaches are also much less expensive than an attorney so use a coach as a sounding board and save your money for what matters and schedule your coaching call today.


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